About Us

More Than Me, a 501c 3 charitable organization, recognizes that the privilege of being an athlete comes with a responsibility to the community and those that are less fortunate.

More Than Me provides athletes and teams a platform to give back to their communities in the form of community service projects. More Than Me serves as a catalyst for these projects by providing the tools and resources, be it in the manner of time, expertise, or funds to participating teams.

These community service projects help to promote leadership and growth in athletes, while bettering the local community.

Our Story

More Than Me was created to help athletes across the country give back to their local communities. Our partnership with Make-A-Wish® allows us to help children right in our own area that need it the most. We are proud of our students across the country that put others before themselves and are truly "More Than Me".

MTM Movement 

The "More Than Me Movement" is a collection of athletes from all over the United States. We are all very grateful for the opportunity athletics has given us, and felt a responsibility to give back to others who may not have been given that opportunity. We also want to give other athletes the opportunity to help less fortunate members of their own local communities. 

More Than Me was essentially created from the depths of a close group of friends from the central Massachusetts area back in the summer of 2012. Tyler has always been surrounded by a great supporting cast of friends and athletes. That supporting cast included guys such as Kyle Beede, Bill McGuirk, Nick Haag, Craig Bellemare, Zack Rafferty, Mike Turco, Pat McGuirk, Pat Trainor, Joe Walsh and Brad Schnitzer.

This group would become, and continue to be, a pivotal team in starting More Than Me from the ground up in MA. This group remains the backbone of More Than Me, and though we stretch our impact across the world, the heart of the foundation resides in that small town where it all began. 

From their evolution as a group, growing into a selfless support system for each other, it was easily recognizable that each member of the group was about more than themselves. That was the moment More Than Me came to fruition and became what it still is today, representing more than yourself, and the community that you come from. 

Our team, then, met at a training-facility in Hudson, Massachusetts outside of Boston. This training facility caters to athletes looking to reach their goal of playing professional sports. The positive environment the facility creates attracts not only some of the best athletes, but some of the best people. With the combination of hard-working athletes who also have a passion for helping others, we were able to create a "More Than Me Network" around the United States.